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monday night on c-span. ♪ find myself careening into places ♪ >> tonight on c-span2 a memorial service for senator taan -- daniel inouye. then the u.k. youth parliament holds a debate at the british house of of commons. >> president obama, vice president biden and former bill clinton spoke at the memorial services for the late hawaii senator daniel inouye today at the washington national cathedral in washington d.c. senator inouye died on monday at the age of 88 and was the second longest-serving senator in history. this is an hour and 45 minutes. ..
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>> i am resurrection and i am white said the lord. whoever has faith in me shall have lies, and everyone who has lies and has committed himself to me and she shall not die forever. as for me, i know that my
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redeemer lives and that at the last he will send upon the earth after my awakening, he will raise me up and in my body, i shall see god. i myself shall see in my eyes behold him who is my friend and not a stranger. for none of us have wife and hands of a none terms his own master when we die. for if we have life, we are alive in the lord and if we die, we die in the lord. so then, whether we live or die, we are the worse possession.
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happy from now on are those who died in the lord, so it is said we spirit, for they rest from their labor. >> as dean of washington national cathedral on behalf of the bishop of washington, i will
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commit to the service celebrating the remarkable life of senator daniel inouye. washington national cathedral serves the nation as a gathering place of time, in times of celebration and sorrow. today's event combines a mixture of both. it is our great privilege to host enjoying so many distinguished women and men gather today to say goodbye to a great leader and public servant. we all come together today from a variety of faith traditions, wherever you are and wherever you find yourself on the journey of faith. we hope that you will fully join in as we listen and sing and pray in thanksgiving and remembrance for this extraordinary man. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> the lord be with you. let us pray. god of grace and glory, we remember before you this day, our brother daniel. thank you forgiving him to wes and family and friends to know when to love as a companion among our pilgrimage. in your boundless compassion, console us, give us faith of eternal life so that an quiet confidence, we may continue our
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course on earth until bible calls, we are reunited with those who have gone before through jesus christ our lord, amen. >> a reading from lamentations. the steadfast love of the lord never sees us. his mercy never comes to an end. daring new every morning, grace is your faithfulness. the lord is my portion says my soul. therefore, i will hope in him. the lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul that seeks him. it is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the lord, for the lord will not reject forever.
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because that causes grief in accordance to the abundance of the steadfast love, for he does not willingly afflict or create anyone. the word of the lord. >> the word of god.
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>> irene, kenny, members of the inouye family, all of us express our deepest condolences for your loss of this good and great american. president obama, vice president biden, president clinton, distinguished members of the congress, others who have gathered here today to honor the legacy of daniel k. inouye. this morning we celebrate the wall purpose to life of a teacher it, an american teacher it, a life defined by kurds, by service to country and sacrifice
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for others. soldier, senator, statesmen. but down deep, always a teacher it an enormous resolve in principle. this is a compelling story of what it means to be an american. dan inouye had an impact on so many lives, including mine. his extraordinary accomplishments at the stuff of legend. not all tested in world war ii, despite severe burns prevailed in combat, recipient of our nation's highest award for valor, the medal of honor. distinguished senator from hawaii, president pro tem of the senate. the site also exemplified the qualities most revered by his community, quiet humility, respect for others, standing on
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principles that matter. family, service to community. a modest man who is assertive and doing what was right. when america was plunged into the crucible of world war ii, nowhere was the attack on pearl harbor more keenly felt than in the japanese-american community. it's difficult today to recall the full intensity of fear, of confucian, a suspicion of recrimination, even hatred that are merged in the days and weeks and months following a surprise attack 71 years ago. and despite the clear injustice in the dinner relocating so many of the japanese community. second-generation americans of japanese ancestry, finney said
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demanded the rate to demand this country in time of war, like other american citizens. and to our country's credit, their voices were heard, leading to the creation of all nisei unit commanded by caucasian officers. courage, prowess in battle, trust in one another and determination made these units legendary. the hundredth infantry battalion commander for 42nd regimental combat team with military intelligence service, the mis. these are not just good unit for unique because of ethnic homogeneity. they were premier fighting units among the best in u.s. history. the soldiers of the 442nd regimental combat team served with such distinction that 21 of
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them were awarded the medal of honor. no other regiment in history has this distinction given size and length of service. her legacy as a drumbeat of loyalty, of kurds, honor, dedication and sacrifice. dan inouye served as an infantryman, and listing in 1943 at age 18. within a year he was promoted to sergeant. his performance of combat lead to a battlefield commission as second lieutenant in 1944, age 20. less than a year later, while leading his platoon on an attack on enemy machine-gun positions, he was grievously wounded and permanently disabled. his actions on 21 april 1945 content so, italy with a retired example of strength, stamina,
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courage and determination. for which he received one of the 21 idols of honor awarded to soldiers. dan inouye another veterans return to war, having achieved something monumental, something as we say larger than themselves. and they sensed they had earned the right to take larger roles in their communities. they also came tolerant of these in politics different than their own, a sentiment born at the intolerance they had experienced after pearl harbor, but more keenly felt after the horrors they would just do liberating dachau and they understood the importance of good citizenship, of fair play, hard work, of respect for others and for our flag. i have relatives who like dan
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inouye served in these units, characteristic of the mall was rarely if ever speaking about what they had done in the war. and from then, my generation learned to find virtue in humility and ability of hard work and the value of family and the confidence that we in america could achieve anything. they taught us to hope and to dream and then to do something about it. dan inouye alternative citizen ship in loyalty of all americans of japanese ancestry. that is the legacy he and his generation decreased to me and mine that influence the way i was able to live my life. i would never cut the opportunity to serve as the chief of staff of the army had he and the others not purchased that for me and led, my
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birthrate to believe fully without any question of my loyalty. this morning i salute a friend who is more than heroic in battle, more than strong enough and in during the terrible wounds of war, more than determined in overcoming injustice and more than generous in sharing his enormous gifts with me and with others. dan inouye and amenities legendary unit sacrificed so much to give us all the opportunities we have. there is great comfort for me in these reminders. as we often say, we all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and i have had the broadest of shoulders to stand on. aloha, senator, a low hot in the hollow. thank you.
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>> mr. president, mr. vice
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president, lovely irene kamas tragic events in recent days to reminders, often when death visits, he comes to send a plane crash, takes many from us, abb drowns, cancer deprives us of a sibling or friend. an accident steals away child. lives are cut short. dreams are denied. often that is so troubling. we ask why, why him? why her quirks way now? and although i wish i could answer those questions with authority, often the wife of death is a mystery. but in the case of senator
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daniel inouye, there is some mystery and although there is sadness, there is no regret. ecclesiasticus, third chap here come the second verse tells us come commit to everything there is the season and come a time every purpose, a time to be born and a time to die with daniel inouye's time. senator inouye lived a full and his life. he was 88 years old when he died and he lived each of those 88 years to its salus. he was a war hero, decorated soldier who let the innocence of youth, most of his right arm on an italian battlefield, where he defended our nation's freedom even as the nation questioned patriots who looked they can.
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he was a healing hero, example of the resilience of the human body and the human spirit, his resolve to live a life for service was hardened not broken with 21 months spent recovering from his wounds in an army hospital in chicken. he was a legislative hero, a progressive democrat who would never hesitate to cooperate with republican colleagues for the good of his country. in 1968, when the country was driven by racism and divided by war, key combinations nurse at the keynote address before the democratic national convention in chicago. daniel inouye advocated for the rights of all americans regardless of the color of their skin or what their parents were born or what their religion was. he was first chairman of the senate select committee on
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intelligence. he served a distinction is chairman of the commerce committee and appropriations committee. during this time as chairman indian affairs committee he turned to neglect many into a powerful voice for native populations across this great country and remarkably coming cancer for more than 34 years of his best friend from a late republican senator, ted stevens of alaska on the defense appropriations subcommittee. their friendship is also working relationship stands as an example of the remarkable things to senators can accomplish when they set political party aside. there were a formidable force, as part of this nations than in women, working to ensure soldiers, sailors, airmen and guardsmen of the best trained in the best equipped intensive piece in times of war. senator in a way also served as a member of the watergate
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country as chairman of the committee investigating the iran-contra affair. whenever there was a difficult job to do, whenever we needed a noble man, a noble man to a non, we always turned to senator daniel inouye. so it should come as no surprise that danny died as he lived with great dignity. this is no urban legend. dr. monahan, the physician said he watched people die, but never loses dignity. i rained, his lovely wife talk about the event. chaplain black, security officers who were there with them, minutes before he passed away, before he died, he shook the hands of friends in christ
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family who surrounded him. he thinks that there is connecting to the nurses for their care and their attention. he thanked his security detail for their careful protection over the years. dan inouye for details on his last wishes minutes before he passed away, working to mere moments before his death. he told his wife, irene, who would appreciate my speaking before you today, a gesture that touches my heart more than words that i can express. then he said aloha and he quietly joined the lord. he had faced death many times, especially during the awful war he was fighting in. he would often tell us, told me on many occasions to turn his life he'd just been lucky. he always said, just lucky.
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dan inouye wasn't lucky. he was a blessed man. he at work here to do among us any state until the work was done. as were also told in ecclesiastes, there's a time to every purpose and this is senator and a waste time. the 24 who made them up of the lord, who may stand in his holy place, questions answered, the one who has clean hands and a pure heart. that is daniel inouye, a man with a pure heart, a man with clean hands. during the 1968 convention i just talked about, and taught the nation but a low hot it's not just hello, not just goodbye, it also means i love you. in the stanislaus word on earth so i say to my friend, danny,
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aloha, i love you and goodbye until we meet again. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ pingback iran, can,
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mr. president, mr. vice president, america has just been through some very painful days and mr. president, were all grateful for giving voice as you have to or agony. senator reid has said so eloquently, and dan inouye was a full, long life and so it is our great honor to come here to celebrate it. i am grateful that so many of his colleagues in the senate and both parties, leaders and members of the house and the administration and especially the members of the diplomatic corps have calm because i hope in the short service, we can
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capture the character and contributions of one of the most remarkable americans i have ever known. you know, it is difficult to be in politics and the courageous without being sanctimonious. it is difficult to be a gallant man in politics without seeming pompous. it is difficult to constantly reach out for common ground without wondering if you have left your principles behind. but dan inouye did all this and more. those of us who knew him can be grateful for so many and peered
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for hillary and me he was first and foremost a friend, an adviser, something that both of us will cherish forever. i thought i knew it's a bit about hawaii when i had carried this state twice then i went back when they instead you know know, you haven't paid enough attention to the okinawans. they have a very distinct community here. and i said well senator, what do you think i should do about it? he says and no church and i do about it. there have been a festival today and you are going into ours. [laughter] and i did. when hillary became a senator, he was so helpful to her in trying to be a responsible member of the armed services committee because of the concern
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they had for national defense. i never will forget it. and then he didn't care whether the sun was shining for this storm was raging. he didn't care if you're up or down or sideways. he was just there. it is almost impossible now to find someone who makes a life in public service who seems literally every day to be totally oblivious to whether he gets one line of press coverage. but then all of a sudden, when the country is down and out and were on the ropes and when we have to be big, when we are going through the agony of water. or the iran-contra, we have to verify his intelligence services for all these other things he did come at a speech he in chicago, which harry reference,
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there were people writing in the streets, kids getting their head speed in. they would stand inouye, telling us what we needed to do. i am so grateful to him for many things. i am grateful that i had the chance to put around his neck the medal of honor, which was given to him and 21 others almost 50 years too late. it meant a lot to me because i see new, my native state to have those japanese internment camps. and i was grateful that he never tired of sensing that the moment had come to say what needed to be said. and so, think of this. 10 years ago this spring, on the
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big island, senator inouye gave a commencement speech barely two years, not quite two years after 9/11 and he talked about the future of america and the nature of american petri chisholm, a man who had given so much, whose own patriotism could ever be questioned said this, something we should all remember and be grateful to him for. peachtree chisholm is defined as love and devotion to one's country, but oftentimes it takes as much if not more courage to speak out against our government. it is that other countries that seek out and oppose actions. the ability to criticize and question our leaders is the essence of democracy, if we did not permit senate views than those who would confront
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inquiries arcola conference, how much longer would we have had slavery? how much longer with the vietnam war has dragged on and the japanese-americans interned during world war ii still be awaiting redress? i hope the mistakes made and suffering imposed upon japanese-americans nearly 60 years ago will not be repeated against arab-americans whose loyalties are now being called into question. there profiler start to resemble what the enemy looks like. let us not repeat history. he was a wise, good man. the reason he could be courageous without being sanctimonious. the reason he could be so generous and old-fashioned like gallant without seeming pompous.
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the reason he could be friends across the aisles and find principal compromise without sacrificing principle is because that is who he was, a whole person, united rightist parts. they blew his arm off in world war ii, but they never laid a finger on his heart or his mind. that he gave to us, for 50 years and that every single citizen should celebrate.
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>> irene, patty, jennifer, ken and jessica, thank you for the honor for me to say a few great words throughout the whole great career. danny inouye, as i was listening to the other speed, i thought about the fact that every high points and low point in my career announced for the senate as a 29-year-old kid. your husband, father, brother was there for me, from running
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and a possible race in coming to delaware to being better when i didn't want to come to the senate to actually knocking out my door and saying, if you're going to run for president, can i be your national chairman? and the impact he has had on not just me, but my family, jill, and particularly my two boys. danny's departure marks the end of an era, a generation of men and women referred to as the greatest generation was utterly transformed america and helped reshape the world. and in my view, among them, dna may have been the most unique, the most whole. robert ingersoll could've been talking about danny inouye when
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he said, the will to feistier win32s to call it down, with underscores to compromise, that his heroism. danny was an heroic figure in every aspect of his life. as so many have reference today in all the disparate that dna since he passed. this is a man to have to overcome prejudice against japanese americans, just for the right to fight, to fight for the country that he loved. in the process of doing that, he showed such extreme airy pallor and heroism that he was awarded the medal of honor. but i'm here to tell you that i think his physical courage was matched by his moral courage.
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i don't know anybody else that i can say that of my personal acquaintance. his physical courage was matched by his moral courage. danny demonstrated that either prejudice at home nor enemy bullets abroad can keep him from accomplishing his goal, which is always about defending his country, but more importantly about making his country a better place, always a better place. he tackled one of the most vexing problems at home and a reference and a baby yesterday the rotunda in here again today as a young kid in law school, listening to danny's speech at the democratic national convention. it seemed like it was the only voice of reason that broke
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through this god-awful cloud. and he stood there with such absolute confidence and certitude in the midst of all that was going on, like what he had to just self-evident. how could anybody doubt what he said? he was, in my 36 years in the senate more trusted by his colleagues that any man or woman i ever served with. i remember when the church committee decided the intelligence community was out of control and we needed intelligence community. i remember being part of, as a
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young kid because mike mansfield rockne and to keep engaged. compared to the discussion was due at state committee? and there was no discussion. this is like so-and-so or. it was danny too. no discussion to the best of my recollection, virtually none. when it came time to deal with watergate, there is a combination of danny inouye, sam ervin and howard baker. the only person among whom there was no discussion was danny inouye. same with the iran-contra. and why? i was so self evident to every member of the senate?
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they should be danny inouye. one thing. his moral courage. his physical courage ran for state, but that wasn't the reason. no one ever doubted that danny inouye had such integrity at his core that he would meet any application pressed upon him with absolute steadiness and objectivity. i cannot say that about anyone else and have served with great nnn and come to some of are here in this magnificent cathedral today. it was one of the great honors of my lifetime that i got to the senate young enough and early enough that i could serve with
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those so-called legends of the senate. significant portions still they are. even among those women and men, and they all knew -- they all nato danny inouye possessed that intangible thing. and every leader longs to possess. that is that would never leave her for what he thought was right. pretty astounding. it is my privilege just to observe and in some small way, it occasionally participate over the 36 years they served next to danny.
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danny's power and influence ultimately lay in his character. as i said come a year and what every and woman who served in congress has longed for, the outcome of amazing respect, the uncompromising respect and admiration of his colleagues. i say to my colleagues assembled here, can you think of anyone who ever, ever, ever questioned danny inouye's integrity, even in the midst of the bitterness that has enveloped the congress over the last several years quite the interesting thing was there arab men who respect dave with great integrity like mike mansfield and others. but i know no one who is both as
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respected and loved as much as danny inouye. but is a word people turn around very easily today. when people talk about loving danny, they meant it in the way the average american. i doubt there's anyone here who served with danny inouye a week before he passed away called you and said he needed the following for me? i doubt there's a single man or woman who doesn't support any. my mom used to have an expression. she would say that what is required to have great
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character, she sees the phrase, joey, are defined by your courage and retained by your loyalty. defined by your courage and retained by your loyalty. no person i've ever served with on new society right here had more physical or moral courage for ever exceeded danny and his loyalty to those who he respect dave beyond his family. this may seem like a strange thing to say in this great cathedral with the exception of my father and a great fan of women in this chamber right now. an exception to my father, there's few people who ever looked at it and said, i wish -- i wish i could be more like batman. he's a better man than i am.
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that's how i look good danny and i told him so. mr. durst equates home in my was flawed. but the truth of the matter is -- the truth of the matter as there was no one. the highest compliment a man or woman can give to another manner woman is to look at them and say, to their children, their own children, you see that man? you see that one man? there's not a single character traits they have that i do not wish for you.
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over 35 years ago, i told that to my sons and i meant it then and i mean it now. i guess that's why my sons called me immediately separately from different parts of the world when hearing of danny's passing. they knew him and most importantly to them, and they knew that he knew them. think of that, how important it is to them to be able to say, not just ainu danny inouye, he knew me. some of the treasures of their life, danny inouye knew me. a matter of time, it matters now. his passing marks the end of an era who lost one of the greatest leaders of the greatest generation and a man who ever
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want a biscuit atrial wellness and a man who taught everyone of us in this cathedral something about ourselves we probably didn't know before we met him.
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>> a reading from revelation. and i saw the holy city, the new jerusalem, and down out of heaven from god, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. and i heard a loud voice from the throne saying, see, the home of god will dwell within as they are god. they will be his people's and god himself will be with them. he will wipe every tear from their eyes. death will be no more. mourning and crying and pain will be no more. for the first things has passed away and the one who was seated on the throne said see, i am making all things new. also he said, write this, for
8:55 pm
these words are trustworthy and true. then he said to me, it is done. i am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end to the thirsty, i will give fodder as a gift from the spring of the water of life, those who conquer will inherit these things and i will be their god and they will be my children. the word of the lord. >> expedia god. -- thanks be to god. ♪ ♪
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>> to irene, ken and jennifer, danny's friend and former colleague, it is an extraordinary honor to be with you in this magnificent place to pay tribute to a man who would probably be wondering what all the fuss is about. this tuesday was in many ways a day like any other. the sun rose, and a sunset, the great work of our democracy. i. ..
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hoe would remain my senator until i left for hawaii in college. i even know -- etch though my mother and grandparents took great pride they voted for him, i confess that i wasn't paying much attention to the united states senate at the age of four or five or six. it wasn't until i was 11 years old that i recall even learning what u.s. senator was or registering at least. it was during my summer vacation with my family my first trip to
9:03 pm
what those in hawaii call the mainland. we flew over the ocean, and with my mother and my grandmother and my sister who at the time was two, we traveled around the country. it was a big trip. we went to seattle and we went to disney land, which was most important. we traveled to kansas, where my grandmother's family was from and went to chicago and went to yellow stone. we took greyhound buses most of the time, and we rented cars, and we would stay at local motels or howard johnsons, and if there was a pool at one of these mo tells, even if it was justin any, i would be very excited, the ice machine was exciting and the vending machine i was really excited about
9:04 pm
that. but this is at the time when you didn't have 600 stations and 24 hours worth of cartoons, and so at night if the tv was on, it was what your parents decided to watch. my mother that summer would turn on the tv every night during the vacation and watch the watergate hearings. and i can't say that i understood everything that was being discussed, but i knew the issues were important. i knew they spoke to some basic way about who we were as americans, so slowly during the course of the trip, which lasted about month, some of this seeped
9:05 pm
to my head, and the person who fascinated me most was this man of japanese decent, with one arm, speaking in this courtly borrow tone full of dignity and grace. and maybe he captivated my attention because my mom explained that this was our senator, that he was upholding what our government was all about. maybe it was a boyhood as if nation with the story how he lost his arm in war. but i think it was more than that. here i was a young boy with a white mom, a black father, raised in indonesia and hawaii. i was beginning to sense how
9:06 pm
fitting in to the world might not be as simple as it might seem. and so to see this man, this senator, this powerful accomplished fern person who was not a central casting when it came to what you think a senator might look like at the time. the way he commanded the respect of an entire nation, i think it hinted to me what might be possible in my own life. this was a man who as a teen stepped up to serve his country even after his fellow japanese americans were declared enemy aliens. a man who believed in america even when the government didn't necessarily believe in him.
9:07 pm
that meant something to me. it gave me a powerful sense, one they couldn't put in to words, a powerful sense of hope. and as i watched those hearings listening to danny ask all the piercing questions night after night, i learned something else. i learned how or democracy was supposed to work. our government of and by and for the people. we had a system of government where nobody was above the law. we -- we have an obligation to hold each other accountable from the average citizens to the most powerful leaders. because these things that we stand for, these ideals we hold dear are bigger than any one person or party or politician.
9:08 pm
and somehow nobody communicated that more effectively than danny inouye. you got a sense of fundamental integrity. that he was a proud democrat, but most importantly he was a proud american. were it not for those two insights, planted in my head at the age of eleven, in between disney land and the trip to yellow stone, i might never have considered a career in public service. i might not be standing here today. i i think it's fair to say that danny inouye was perhaps my
9:09 pm
earliest political inspiration. and then for me to have the privilege of serving with him, to elected to the united states senate and arrive and one of my first visit to go to his office, and for him to greet me as a colleague and treat me with the same respect that he treated everybody he met. and sit me down and give me advice how the senate work and regaled me with stories about wartime and his recovery. stories full of humor never ever bitterness. never boastfulness, just matter
9:10 pm
of fact, some of them i must admit a little off color, i couldn't probably repeat them in cathedral. it was a side of danny that, you know, -- danny once told his son that his service to this country had been for the children. for all the sons and daughters who deserved to grow up in a nation that never questioned their patriotism, this is my country, he said. many of us fought hard for the right to say that. obviously rick described what it meant for japanese-americans, but my point is that when he referred to our sons and daughters, he wasn't just talking about japanese-americans. -talking about all of us.
9:11 pm
he was talking about those who serve today who might have been excluded in the past. he's talking about me. that's who danny was. for him freedom and dignity were not abstractions they were values he bled for, ideas he sacrifices for. rights he understood as only someone can who had them threatened. -- a story so incredible that when you actually read the accounts, you think this is -- you couldn't make this up. it's like out of an action
9:12 pm
movie. that valor was so rooted in a deep and abiding love of this country. and he believed as we say in hawaii, a single -- one family. he devoted his life toic mag that family strong. after experiencing the horror of war himself he felt a profound connection to those who followed. it wasn't unusual for him to take time of his busy schedule to sit down with a fellow veteran or fellow am amputee trading stories or jokes. two generations sharing a bond forged in battle and templed in pressure. because of danny's service our military is and will always remain the best in the world.
9:13 pm
we renice our sacred obligations to give the veterans the care they deserve. of course, danny didn't take credit for the difference he made. ever humble, one of the only landmarks that bear his name is a marine corps. mess hall in hawaii. when someone asked him how he wanted to be recommended, he said i represented the people of hawaii and this nation honestly and to the best of my ability. i think i did okay. danny, you were more than okay. you were extraordinary. it's been mentioned that danny ended his convention speech in chicago in 1948 with the word aloha. to some of you who visit us may have meant hello, he said, but to others it may have meant
9:14 pm
goodbye. those of us who have been privileged to live in hawaii understand aloha means i love you. and as someone who has been privileged to live in hawaii, i know that he embodied the very best of that spirit. the very best of a law. it's fitting it was the last word he spoke on this earth. he may have been saying goodbye to us, maybe he was saying hell throw someone waiting on the other side, but it was the final expression most of all with his love for the family and friends that he cared so much about, to the men and women he was honored to serve with, to the country that held such a special place in his heart. and so we remember the man who
9:15 pm
inspired all of us with his courage and moved us with compassion. that inspired us with his integrity, and who taught so many of us, including a young boy growing up in hawaii that america has a place for everyone. may god bless daniel inouye and may god grant us more souls like his. [background noise]
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the holy gospel according to john,. jesus said everything that the father gives me will come to me, and anyone who comes to me i will never drive away. for i have come down from heaven, not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me. and this is the will of him who sent me. that i should lose nothing of all that he has given me but raise it up on the last day. this is indeed the will of my father, that all who see the son and believe in him may have eternal life. and i will raise them up on the last day. the gospel of the lord. >> pray to you, lord.
9:20 pm
in the name of the father, and of of the son, and of the holy spirit, amen. please be seated. i rein and family, president obama, vice president biden, i thought that senator inouye was indisruptble, and if i had not been honored to be at his bed bedside when he died, i still would not believe that he is gone. he was generous to the very end for he gave me a great gift of
9:21 pm
instructive closure. i was with him in aca aca laska- he gave one of the most amazing tributes i had ever heard. i made him promise that he would teach me how to speak like that. [laughter] he said, what do you mean, chaplain? i said i want your eloquence of diction, i want your brilliance of metaphor, i want your poetry of imagination, and he smiled and dis missed my request. i had the opportunity of reminding him at walter reid that he still had unfinished work to do with me, please.
9:22 pm
i still need your help. i was blessed to be able to hold his hand. i was blessed to be able to recite the scriptures, and the last passage that i recited before he transitioned from time in to eternity, is the passage with words that have been whispered by more people in trouble, spoken in more hospital rooms, uttered by more dying lips, and than perhaps any other words in scripture. the 23rd osama bin laden. i-- psalm was standing bind
9:23 pm
you. the lord is my shepard, i shall not want. he makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside still waters, he restores my soul. he leads me in the path of righteousness for his name's same. even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil, for you are with me. your staff may comfort me. you repair a table before me in the presence of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over.
9:24 pm
surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. and i will dwell in the house of the lord forever. a curtain was soon drawn on the life of this great american, i offered a prayer, and as i headed through rush hour traffic trying to get back to the capitol for a vigil, we were having for the newtown, connecticut awe awe -- i kept remembering the words even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil for you are with me. i found myself asking in the car, how was it that he was able
9:25 pm
to walk so confidently through the valley of the shadows of death? i began to speculate, i thought perhaps he could do it because he had been in that valley before. i heard the story of the silver dollar that saved his life, she was shocked and had two silver dollars in his pocket. he had been in the valley of shadows before, walking through, not scurrying, not jogging, not running. with an eke anymorety of temperament he could walk through. i said there has to be more than that. i continued to drive and thought perhaps he was able to walk so confidently in too the valley of the shadows because he knew that there was light in that valley,
9:26 pm
you can't have shadows without light. i remembered his prayer breakfast speech only a few weeks ago how he talked about his faith roots and i knew that he had illumination in the valley. as the dome of the senate came in to view, it finally dawned on me why my friend was able to walk so confidently through the valley of shadows and that was because irein, he knew he was not alone. this was not a so solo walk. even though i walk through the valley of the shadows, i will fear no evil for you are with me. one who walked with him through
9:27 pm
the valley had promised in matthew 28: 20, i'm with you always. he promised in hebrew 13: 5. ly never leave you or fore sake you. he was that light in the valley. that companion in the valley. and my good friend was not alone. he lived the way he died with grace and dignity. and when i reflect on the vennty in which he transitions from time in to eternity, i think of those words of william and the immortal fan -- so when your
9:28 pm
summon comes to join, that e numerable caravan where each must choose his chamber in the solemn holmes of death, not like the slaves to the dungeon at night, but sustained and soothed by an unfaltering trust, approach your grave as one who wraps the drapery of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams. my dore friend -- dab friend had it right. your life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in you that
9:29 pm
nature could stand up and say to all of the world this was a man. god bless you. [background noise] ♪
9:30 pm
?eet ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:31 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:32 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
9:33 pm
♪ ♪ let us join our prayers with those of the church universal saying each in our own language the prayer that jesus christ taught us. our father, who art in help, hallow be thy name.
9:34 pm
think kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread and forguess us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not in to temptation, but deliver us from evil. for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and forever. amen. for our brother, daniel, let us prayer to our lord joe christ jesus christ who said i am residence ration and i am life. lord, you can -- in the the distress who lauren for daniel and dry the tears for those who weep. you wept at the las ruse, your friend comfort us in our
9:35 pm
sorrow. you raise the dead to life, give to our brother eternal life. >> hear us lord. >> you promise paradise to those repented, bring our brother to the joys of heaven. hear us lord. comfort us in our sorrows at the death of our brother. let our faith be our consolation, and eternal life our hope. god of all, we pray to you for daniel and for those whom we love but see no longer. grant to them eternal rest but light perpetual shine upon them. may his soul and the souls of all the departed through the my sei -- mercy of god rest in peace. >> amen.
9:36 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
9:37 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:38 pm
♪ ♪
9:39 pm
give rest, christ, to your servant with your. where sorrow and pain are nowhere. life everlasting. >> you only are immortal, creator and maker of human kind. and we are mortal formed as the earth and to earth shall we return. for so did you or dane when you created me saying you are dust and to dust you shall return. all of us go down to the dust, yet even at the grave we make our song allay hole lou ya. give rest so christ to your servant with saint. where sorrow and pain are no
9:40 pm
more. the sign of life everlasting. [background noises] in to your hands merciful savior, we commend your servant, daniel. acknowledge we humbly beseech you a sheep of your own a lam of your own flock, a sinner of your own redeeming. receive him in to the arms of your mercy, in to the blessed rest of ever lasting peace. and in to the glory's company of the saints in light. >> amen. may the lord bless you and keep you. the lord make his faith to shine upon you and be gracious to you. >> amen. >> the lord lift up his count
9:41 pm
innocents upon you and give you peace. amen. >> amen. >> let us go forth in the name of christ. >> thanks be to god. ♪ ♪ ♪ ?eet ♪
9:42 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [background noise] [background noise] ♪
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9:46 pm
♪ senator inouye's casket will be brought to hawaii will the remains will lie in state at the state capitol on saturday. the burial will happen on sunday at national me memorial cemetery at the pacific. ♪ tomorrow morning on washington journal we discuss fiscal cliff. and the author of columbine, day, on what we have learned from a this tragedy and how it
9:47 pm
applies to the newtown, connecticut shootings. washington jowrnlt gives live at 7:00 a.m. eastern time on c-span. >> i don't want to spoil the book for you, so let me just say that the year began with the american republican in grave danger. the union armies were struggling to grow virtually overnight from a few thousand men scattered across the continent to more than half a million. inexperienced officers thrust in to command of the volunteers were stymied by the sheer size of the break away confederate state of america which covered a space larger than the entire european territory conquered by napoleon. lincoln's closest adviser was secretary of state william henry sue ward.
9:48 pm
he said that even smart people failed to see the difficulty of the union's task. they didn't apprehend the vast extent of the rebellion, as he put it. military operations to be successful, must be on a scale hithered to practically unknown in the art of war. the second year of the civil war. a strained federal government and weak union forces. devastate on 1862 on "rise to greatness." part of four days of booktv this weekend and through christmas day on c-span2. you're watching c-span2 with politics and public affairs weekdays featuring live coverage of the u.s. senate and weeknights watch key public policy efforts and every latest the non-fiction authors and books on booktv. you can see past programs and get our schedule at our website. you can join in the conversation on social media sides.
9:49 pm
-- sites. last month more than 300 minutes u.k. youth parliament ages 11 to 18 gathered in the british house of commons for the annual debate. the students debated public transportation costs, jobs, marriage equality, the minimum wage, and school curriculum. speaker of the house john presided over the morning and afternoon sessions with few remarks by other members of parliament. good morning. what a joy it is to preside over such a calm and orderly chamber. [laughter] [inaudible] not together accustomed. it's the the forted meeting the u.k. youth parliament in the house of commons, and i want to underline just how hugely welcome you are by parliamently
9:50 pm
colleagues and i are thrilled by your presence all previous experience suggests you will speak well with passion and integrity and conduct yourselves in a fashion that is accredit to you and to all young people across the country. so each and every one of us here should look forward to the day with great interest and anticipation. the issues being debated today have been chosen by members of the youth parliament with the help of over a quarter of a million of your peers, and i think i'm right in saying and emphasizing of the five topics being debated, four were chosen by the public vote, and one by nyp themselves namely curriculum for life. today, of course, you debating whether to choosing the issue which you wish to have as your
9:51 pm
national campaign. this debate is one of the highlights of parliament week, and schools across the country have been taking part in create the debate, a project to encourage them to stage their own debates on the very issues which the u.k. yb are discussing in the combat. we know schools across the country are tuning in to watch and that is hugely welcome. just on process and housekeeping, let me say the following. first, nyp who wish to speak should stand in their place, or raise their hands if seated in a wheelchair. secondly, and most importantly, nyp should always say their name and region at the beginning of their speech. otherwise -- the official record of our proceedings will be deficient.
9:52 pm
the writers will not know who you are unless you say. if you be good enough to pause, momentarily, before you start your speech, that will give an opportunity for the microphone to be activated. your gain here -- you're going to hear from the leader of the house and the leader, whom is my delight to welcome here today. leader of the house andrew, and angela. and the parliament tear undersecretary of state at the department of education, the children's minister edward. edward, andrew, angela, it's a delight to have you. before we hear from andrew and angela, i call in order to read a message from the prime minister, from yorkshire. [applause] member of the parliament, i'm --
9:53 pm
[inaudible] we are -- this is your opportunity to debate -- by more than [inaudible] 260,000 people. -- [inaudible] include -- [inaudible] the children and the people. he has -- [inaudible] to listen to your -- [inaudible] and translate your views to the hard work of government. your meeting today will be young people ato -- the opportunity to debate issues that -- [inaudible] it's a big thing. i wish you the latest -- [inaudible] i look forward to hearing your debates. thank you. [applause]
9:54 pm
>> thank you for reading that. that is a delight to have the prime minister's support. i now call to say some words to us, the leader of the house of commons. mr. andrew. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. [applause] thank you, mr. speaker. members of the you'll parking lotment, i'm debated to -- that righted to welcome you for the fourth annual sitting. the sitting have become an accomplished part of the parking parliament calendar. -- they have become so well established. and leader of the house, i am the representative of the government to this house of commons. and of the house of commons to the government. but today i am pleased to be able to be here to representative both the government and the house with you the youth parliament. i know, what is said here today will be heard both by government and members of the house of commons.
9:55 pm
indeed in the house yesterday, i was able to cite the debates today, and their relevance to current debates before the house commons. as winston churchill said in the chamber as we began to rebuild the wartime destruction in 1943 we shape our buildings and after wards our buildings shape us. it's impossible not to be influenced by these surroundings. and i know from your previous sitting here the quality of debate by members of the youth parliament reflect that well. the topic, selected for debate today will shape the work the youth parliament for the coming year. i know, too they will shape the wider political landscape. as leader of the house, a priority for me is to increase the public engagement with parliament through innovation like the work of the back bench here. we're making debates more assessable to member of the public. i know, today's sitting part of
9:56 pm
parliament work will increase engagement. this that with respect there's no clearer side of the great work that nyp is doing than a quarter of the million people that took part in the make your mark debate. debate have a special character by contrast, i remember myself taking part in debates in school and college, they are often rather more about style than sub science. sometimes they appear to miss the point entirely. i remember at the student union, i was president once, we had a motion which instructed the united states to remove its troops instructed the united states that is a bit of big ask. here in this place, debates are different. debates have consequences. the most significant speeches are not necessarily the most stylish or the most fluid.
9:57 pm
they are the ones born of knowledge, of passion, of commit, and of concern. most of all, they are made by those who are here not only to speak for themselves, but to represent the people. todayed that is your opportunity, to speak out, based on your convictions and concerns to speak for young people whom you represent. and to speak out on issues which are relevant and where you can exert an influence inspect doing so, it will be in the best tradition of parliament democracy. before i finish, can i pay tribute to the administrate colleague. the administrate of children and families who is responsible for improving opportunity for young people and specifically for the support which the government provides to the youth parliament. i would like to pay tribute to his predecessor a member of parliament who is a passionate and vocal supporters of the young parliament inside and outside government. mr. speaker ilgd like to thank you and the officers of the house and how was service who
9:58 pm
helped prepare for today and many staff including may i say from my own office who have volunteered their time to welcome members of the youth parliament had this morning. members, i wish you well. i hope you will enjoy your time here and leave this place inspired by the surroundings, by the debate you will have, the decisions you reach, and inspire perhaps some of you to return here as members of parliament one day in the future. thank you. [applause] >> andrew, thank you for that. before i ask angela to say some words, i reference the fact that a number of colleagues are here present to support the parliament, peter, you are referred to the former children's minister. tim, it's great to see you in your police. we have immediately behind tim karenback from regions -- that
9:59 pm
was constituency name. it was exchanged by the area it's in london. we are pleased to see her. thank you for coming. we have andrew in the gallery from hyatt peak. we have -- [inaudible] the member of parliament who is in the gallery as well. colleagues are here to support you and colleagues it's great to see you here. i call the leader of the house, angela. [applause] [applause] thank you, mr. speaker. i would like to thank my opposite in the chamber, the leader of house for his warm words and welcome to you, i, of course echo. if i can offer you some advice about before you start your debate today, i would say respect each other's contributions, we always
10:00 pm
demonstrate an our proceedings how much we follow that particular -- plft particular thing. make your arguments -- be passionate about what you believe. because that's what politics is all about. i should warn you there are not to make the same mistake from one ap from the government bench made earlier year this year. unique in the parliament, mr. speaker, he interrupted his own speech when his musical tie went off. [laughter] and i can tell you, he got an angry look from the deputy speaker in the chair. you can see it on youtube if you are interested. [laughter] hopefully you have silenced any such gadgets you brought with you. if you haven't, i can tell you they will most certainly sabotage you by going off when you are in mid flow. everything on silent, gadgetted turned off and hopefully not brought. since though it's worth sitting in to -- the youth parliament
10:01 pm
has been a powerful one to young people across the country. when you finish, i hope you'll go back home and tell your friends and your classmates about today's debate and help get more young people engaged in the political realm. i have always said if you don't do politics, you have it done to you. -- [inaudible] you choose ton address the important issues. transport, employment, marriage equality, and education. these are the issues that this has debates regularly. and i'm sure your insights will inform our debates too. the current financial crisis has hit young people hard. 150,000, 16 to 24-year-old have been unemployed for more than six months. it's more important now than ever to stand up and make your voices heard. today is part of that. all three major political parties have shown an interesting in lowing the voting
10:02 pm
age to 16. hope you can be ambassador to show your generation are engaged, passionate and key to getting involved in the political process. [inaudible] the parliament why you understand that politics is not a spectator sport. you have shown that your willing to take responsibility for articulating the vision of young people today. and you have shown you care about what is going on in our society. and you want to change it to the better. it's been a wish mine to see more women involved in politics. we need the voices of women and girls to be heard across the world. if we're going to make our society fairer and more equal. i would like to offer a particular welcome to the women who are here today. be proud and speak out. finally, today is really about politicians like me talking about you. it's about debating issues that you have decided on that affect
10:03 pm
you most. don't be nervous. enjoy it. and i hope you remember the experience for years to come. [applause] >> angela, thank you for that. colleagues in case you're not aware. each debate is expected to run for approximately twenty five minutes in total. so there cant formal limit on speech length from the back benches. you realize we're looking for very short speeches. and i'll try to accommodate as many colleagues as i can in the course of the day. order, order. the youth parliament will consider the first motion of the day relating to public transport as printed on the order paper. to move the motion, i call from the northeast of england, mr. -- [inaudible]
10:04 pm
[applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. public transport is a fundamental part of the lives of young people. i am a younger cousin, and i look in dismay in the idea that he and many other young people alike face a daily struggle to get to work, school, and doctors appointments. despite the work over the past year, public transport is still not up to scratch. that's why young people across the united nations have -- public transport the absolute priority here today. the very idea that we send our young people trudging through snow to get to school in rural areas have no other alternative is outrageous. more than one in five students have considered dropping out of the education because of financial difficulties. i do not blame them. in the eyes of public transport companies -- [inaudible]
10:05 pm
at the age of 16 or even 1 despite being legally a child, despite being an education, despite earning next to no north carolina at all. students are encouraged to achieve their potential, but simply struggle to afford to get to school or college. almost 50% of 16 to 18-year-olds say they struggle to meet the transport costs. let's put this to context. this is a approximately six million u.k. citizens equating to the population of par guy refuse the right to fulfill their academic potential. it's not the only factor on the burden on our shoulders for young people. -- [inaudible] it must be improved today. an joamp whemming 77% of people -- [inaudible] public transport both infrequent and -- [inaudible] the government claims britain can deliver. on their right.
10:06 pm
but is this really the type of public transport we want delivering on the youth of today to hundred or punks wallty to decline our opportunity? no. no no. no. this sunt isn't just about convenience or public transport itself. but about young people being late for work, school, and doctors appointments. the consequence of this, costing jobs, costing grades, costing nhs. we must ask ourself today do we want to become a catastrophic hind drains upon our employers. destruct our teachers and obstruct our health service. no, no, no. the opposition arguement is like discredit our effort claiming it's not enough campaign merely deserve the focus of divide region. over the past year, we have seen great progress [inaudible]
10:07 pm
leading the way. but just as the u.k. deficit is not balanced with the government public transport issue are not solved in one year. we're public transport continued a national priority. we can't -- [inaudible] for the like of my young cousin. we can deliver more transport to get students from point a to point b. we can build a better, brighter future for young people. so when the opposition argument say it's not a national campaign, a focus of the divided region. i tell you this, divided we are weak, but united are the nation we are strong. more nation, one notion, one campaign. better public transport. [applause] [applause]
10:08 pm
>> thank you very much ib keyed for that. i note we have been joined by the former government chief when the labour party was in office nick browne. the member of parliament. it's great to have you here. thank you for coming. to oppose the motion, i call from the east of england. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. we are here for one reason. to make contain and empower the young people that we so proudly represent. but, -- the parliament campaign for the next year to be made public transport better, and acceptable for both. we are not giving the young people that we have -- [inaudible] the justice they deserve. [inaudible] have been the campaign for the last year. we have not achieved the goal of
10:09 pm
making transport cheaper, better, and exceptional. so this year, let's pay that is more assessable to be reached. which one question impact instead of continually -- [inaudible] our campaign year after year. we are here to make contain -- [inaudible] campaign that is not reachable. in apartmentment we are protect our youth services and civilities. we continue to see -- [inaudible] local governments and local consulates to keep these facilities. so with reable to be here today at the house of parliament. by asking the cheaper transport and the safety of our youth services, we are -- [inaudible] at risk. we must focus on one campaign. not bomb board the government with everything we would like to change. more over, it is an issue not a
10:10 pm
national one. in the northeast of england, they have a system of transport in comparison to london. london already has great discount to young people on both buses. and i think all the yp with london that this campaign was not be relevant to them. this is -- -- highlight how hard concentrated work of the campaign would be. also, there is a -- [inaudible] debatable some of us here today. if you were age 16 to 25. it can be -- [inaudible] to suggest 28 pounds and give you a train fare. it's not just fantastic -- [inaudible] must be taken by us and promoted by us. instead of us spending another year on the unrealistic campaign. finally, as a whole country, we have an public transport
10:11 pm
service. of course, there are going to be problems with it. we are human after all. let's stop complaining and focus other campaign -- [inaudible] vital, valuable and realistic this year. a review of the curriculum -- [inaudible] we do not need transport at the campaign. if you are unhappy go and do something about it. make it change locally. so nationally we can bo focus on another more effective campaign. so i plead with you here today to not vote for the u.k. parliament campaign for the next year to be made public transport cheaper, better, and acceptable for all. think. do you want an effective curriculum to prepare us for life? teach us about politics? [inaudible] education and [inaudible] which can be achieved in a
10:12 pm
year? or do you want to drag out the campaign making public transport cheaper, better, and assessable for all? for at least another year? it's your decision. [applause] >> thank you very much indeed. we have two great speeches to get us to a cracking start. and i'm not looking for contributions from the floor, yes. the first person i saw was the young woman there. [inaudible conversations] >> yes. start by saying name and area. >> from north york shire. as we're awear and public transport is a big issue [inaudible] and again this is debate. i'm from north york shire we run the -- [inaudible] this summer which allows young people to travel on buses for one pound for a whole day.
10:13 pm
the scheme was a great achievement it was only one county wide and by the north -- [inaudible] council therefore we came across many barriers for a staff not all of us complete -- [inaudible] and when they did it was often on their own term. in addition it was very hard for us to promote it being youth council. we didn't do it justice it deserved. i'm trying to say is that this surely is something that question stand there and say like we did last year this is the most important campaign. unless the government listens to us, our makes a national policy for nationally -- [inaudible] transport for young people, nothing is going to change. [applause] >> and we have a speaker speaking from the southwest. a couple from the southwest? yes. >> the gentleman in the back with his -- yes indeed. you sir. [laughter]
10:14 pm
>> [inaudible] in the southwest. i've been here for two years now, i can tell you the biggest issue for my constituents is transport. my constituents have to pay 600 pounds for transport pass if they want to go to college. and of course next year nationally going to college or staying in education will be compulsory. of course it's a national issue to make sure the people aren't paid to stay in education. it's a national campaign, let's stand united let's stand against the transport company. let's make sure that young people have cheaper and more assessable transport. i can tell you there are a lot of people in the room who really need it. okay. thank you. [applause] >> have we got somebody from the west mid lands? somebody from the west mid lands? yes. this young man here. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my name is -- [inaudible] from -- [inaudible]
10:15 pm
public transport is a very important issue for young people, it's on their agenda. in my area and in my constituency there's a lot of young people that illegally use public transport forging bus tickets, forging train tickets. the reason for this what is the reason? the reason is young people can't afford bus fairs, can't afford train fares. if they have to get a job they have catch a train or it bus. where do they get the money from? like the nyp from east of england, maybe last year it was a failure. however, we are youth parliament do we away from something in? 0. we stand up. and transport -- [inaudible] and something needs to be done about it. thank you. ..
10:16 pm
right now the economy does not have enough money to fund these things that our priority. would focus on education. by sheer resident do-gooder good results in education that managed to that. right now the economy is not ready for it. going to focus on other issues such as nsf and educators.
10:17 pm
[applause] >> i'm now looking for a speaker from wales. yes, what about the young woman in the red jacket. thank you. [inaudible] this has been the motion the past year. by drag it out? there's so many large priorities in the u.k. that we can focus on. [inaudible] billions. so why not focus on something like that? it seemed to only happen to people at the council. what about those young people seems the rich are getting richer, but the poor are getting poorer. why can't we have everybody zanardi upset other things quiet
10:18 pm
[applause] >> thank you for that. northern ireland. what about this young man for northern ireland? >> john cameron, northern ireland. i support this regional issue. in northern ireland to use foreign in the u.k. youth parliament. all the organizations came together, which is in theater are working very successfully. we have to remember we are the u.k. youth parliament and we have to represent every region, so there for transport stop with the northern ireland and it's not going to be an issue that northern ireland would focus on observing topic in the future. we need to think of the issues.
10:19 pm
we need to remember that needs of education and employment. we have to represent the people. we are the uk's parliament and to represent as many young people as possible, make sure they get the education they need and the labor skills and make sure they have skills and ability to find a job. when we give them the right schools, they'll be able to worry about public transport. [laughter] >> thank you. these are great speeches. there releases sanctum punchy, so congratulations. they're going really well. semi from the northwest. i'm mad at her with with a gray suit and yellow tie. >> we all came here in the region. people like to have a big issue
10:20 pm
and it is known to transfer is the point of giving free education when young people can't edit? we are started and we need to finish it up out of power with god and continue doing what we do i think we get nowadays. [applause] >> we've got somebody on the benches to the southeast? who have been cut from the southeast? what about the gentleman at the unfair. yes, you serve. don't let this election around. it is here. your moment has arrived. >> judgments are misrepresenting the hunton constituency. thank you are a much, mr. speaker. public transport is an issue that will not go away most decisive action is taken. time and time again young people in my constituency telling me
10:21 pm
public transport. maybe because it doesn't go far enough or perhaps they are expected to pay a full adult fare until they're 18. i young people in the area seemed to me they feel the effects of legislation and i've also got young people who say they traveling by public public transfer completely unacceptable. this has to stop, mr. speaker. i'm pleased that the president has been able to achieve this year on a national basis the committee has been a shining example of what can happen when young people get together and work on a particular issue. i'm grateful to the department of education transfer for showing support for the process is less transport providers and charities who have also shown their support. mr. speaker, transport is one of those problems we can work on a local as well as national basis. i'm a local level and cease to work with the council as well as local transport providers to create a new use for it, which i
10:22 pm
hope will increase dialogue between young people and transport bodies. however, we're nearly there in terms of achieving national success and i do stress the faith is in this campaign. last week i spoke the major providers across the u.k. and the present recommendations, one including no young person of pain adult fare. it is like that of a rail car, but again, we need a coordinated dynamic approach to medicine or youth parliament has got to stand together today to keep public transport a national campaign and make sure we achieve success. ordinarily there. [applause] >> now, i'm looking for a speaker from the east midlands. anybody from any semblance?
10:23 pm
we have. we've got two. you hear. >> i am from derbyshire. the u.k. way p. is in its early days and is already transports mobile lingering issue for us. in my constituency, 6% of young people voted transport as their primary concern i want to gamble the stories the same for most of you. in my area i heard from young people to pay three pounds for bus fare to and from school. assuming the tape 10 is a school, the 663 pounds per school year to take the bus to my school from which i'm sure you'll agree is an exorbitant amount. most people have no option apart from the bus and for some prices higher. these young people and their parents are paying a tax for education and in what country do live in were repeated -underscore? nobody should be made to pay for school, especially when the money is to line the pockets?
10:24 pm
public transport by the polling accessibility and treatment of disabled and the public transport in our country they desperately need. issues clearly in the best interest of young people we represent and to ignore it beyond just the people. let's make this year the year were reaching =tranfour us to be the last year the issue comes out. >> every restraint ticket the gender balance and this is no exception. i am looking for from the mill stickers, in particular from london. okay, i'm going to take a woman in the second tobacco. yourself, thank you.
10:25 pm
>> a speaker in opposition for public transport plane that london can =tranfour is a top-rated issue. it is not adjusted to young people and is the main issue. nationally we identify issues of =tranfour and we need to see a representing him. thank you. [applause] >> i think we've got one from scotland. >> mori dalston from scotland. i don't think even if it has a heather girl people who voted
10:26 pm
the second pass system in europe. in this case, i do not think because there's a high percentage of children living in aberdeen that that means are ready to save the people well enough. we should have issues like increasing the minimum wage because that is affecting every single young person's employment. thank you. [applause] >> how about a young person from the southeast? to a quick click [inaudible] concerts that raised young person is important. from scotland, northern ireland, west of england by transport. however this is a lingering
10:27 pm
issue. we have tried again and again to try and make cheese and make transport cheaper, but we have moved issues different because we know this is the people. as young people we have to make this a national issue, not just one year after year. this is the year of change. 2013 is coming. we can't have the same issues. it's not supposed to be fair on everyone. so i beg you, let's try something different. [applause] >> how about the female speaker from the northwest? anybody from the northwest? yes. >> whatever we do, i try to think different -- >> your name. >> i am anthony dames friend northwest. whatever we do, trying to pick
10:28 pm
something different in so many places is difficult, especially when there's more important things to focus on. [applause] >> okay, time is slightly against us. i now need to call in order to conclude the debate from the northeast, mr. matthew wilson. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. transport has become a necessity. we use it to get educators, to get health care and to get employment. in recent years, transport it backwards. crisis have rocketed in the liability has made young people's lives are difficult. today we have heard that cost is the biggest issue for young people. statistics have shown that 16 to 18-year-olds the other transport
10:29 pm
fares are too high. to put them into context, that is more than double the population of luxembourg complaining that their transport fares are too high. the speaker has highlighted a number to problem. what age can want pain adult fare? as you are aware, 16 is the age. but in some places, 14 is the age. i'm sorry, but if you think a 14-year-old as an adult, you need to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror. [applause] i agree with the view select committee cited the age the 18th because that is when somebody becomes an adult. we've campaigned with many in this chamber support, for instance for 16.
10:30 pm
you ought to be an adult. so the soothsayer you have to pay adult prices as well? is not right and responsibilities taken next. [laughter] the first speaker highlighted between his art collective bargaining to continue the campaign for price, acceptability and reliability of. however, we've also heard a speaker but had transport is managed regionally and not nationally, meaning that national campaign would be confusing and disjointed. the northeast of england has a completely different system as does northern ireland. the first speaker quoted, divided as the region we are weak. united as a nation we are strom. well, i tell you this, we cannot be united if we are off fighting
10:31 pm
systems. [cheers and applause] was this campaign worth it? this was last year's campaign. to be too much? regionally people achieve some as the regional campaign. we do focus on a campaign that was more impact nationally. can we be united to bring more quality to couples? can we be united to bring more opportunities in education and employment? those are questions only you can answer. her remember this, when we are here at this time next year, let's not say we achieved. we achieved it together. and not among my friends, is what real achievement is.
10:32 pm
[cheers and applause] and that is what youth parliament is all about. [cheers and applause] >> matthew, thank you for addressing mass with such passion and forthrightness. you remind me of me when i was a few years older than you are. you spoken with great distinction, as has everybody in this debate and i said from the bottom bottom of my heart as those they had its very much respected and appreciated. i'm not sure that it's deputy leader of the house and the liberal democrat member of parliament. tom, welcome, thank you for joining us. we now move to the second debate
10:33 pm
and use terms that will consider the second notion of the day relating to getting ready for work is printed on the order paper, to move the motion, i caught from wales, mr. ryan davis. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. imagine a world where only a minority of young people get jobs, where too many degrees just a few years basted. imagine what it would be like if they were millions of benefits and there's nothing we could do about it. some of you think were already on this road and there's need for us to take action now. by go to school and higher education are several years to not get a job? white and up 60,000 pounds in debt? all of us in the u.k. youth parliament had the power to make change happen and i believe the issue needs to be chosen as our national came in to not only
10:34 pm
benefit from people today, but benefit young people tomorrow. recent figures show youth unemployment has dropped to 62,000 or 1.2 million. petitioners youth unemployment is still disappointingly high despite current efforts, young people need education and skill development. media says this might become the forgotten generation emphatically, this rings true. creation said that to bring to your attention. firstly, a study found there was an attitude cap room in young people are not coming on us coming on this inevitable advice on jobs they could realistically expire two. support needs to be improved for young people's progress. it's about self-esteem. a job history footing in life in the city of parliament, we must strive to give every young person opportunity to contribute fully to society. work experience introduces some people at the work.
10:35 pm
it's valuable and essential to education of young people. at present there is no obligation for schools or local authorities to provide this so opportunities vary greatly. my constituency, almost everyone goes to work experience combined with extremely beneficial. they are real and tangible benefits. together, mobutu campaign or rationalization of opportunities that if effective, viable and high-quality for everyone. thermostats, what about this people who lack education? it's got the number of apprenticeships are writing, but despite an overall price and the number of apprenticeships, 75% of increase is due to people over 25 years old. we need to provide stable apprenticeships for people of all ages and young people who are the skilled workers of tomorrow.
10:36 pm
we can work with the government to create sustainable apprenticeships for you people. finally, members of youth parliament today need to choose the issue of getting ready for work. let us strive for and print support. but i strive for improvement of work experience and let us strive for sustainable apprenticeships. the government have jobs. they are employed. without scrutiny, assistance and support, i generation children's generation will not get jobs will not get the place in society they deserve. so i employ you, vote for this issue. we need to get ready for work. thank you. [applause] ryan, thank you indeed for that excellent start to the debate. to oppose the motion, i call from one, mr. david hall.
10:37 pm
[applause] b. mike thank you, mr. speaker. what youth unemployment is at its highest, so is help available for 16 to 24-year-olds. while in 17 support for me to get ready for work, what about the 11, 12 and 13-year-olds that you and i were present? is a concern that they share? how is that for them to be the uk's primary campaign? by number of young people without jobs personages 0.5% between this and last year, the number of apprenticeships started in the same. with nearly half a million. getting ready for us and need to be the uk's primary campaign. inspiring the future, an example of a new game we see employees across the u.k. going to secondary scores to talk about their jobs, careers and
10:38 pm
education respect to get where they are now. victor schools have already signed up and more follow. getting ready for work should not be the u.k. youth parliament campaign. yes, there is a very high level of unemployment and it is very turning, but this is by thursday 1 billion pounds funding from the 160,000 employers working the job center plus and 250,000 new work experience. the result is a creation of these contracts whatever the government. but it's not just the government. a team of much pretorius at glorious, you're fired, sugar, it's been set up at the opposition to chuckle youth unemployment in middlesboro, liverpool, nottingham and have another areas in britain at the highest levels of youth
10:39 pm
unemployment. getting ready for work cannot be the u.k. parliament campaign. he's unemployment is clearly a large concern for young people. otherwise he wouldn't debate here today. however, there issues with members of the parliament, relevant and effective the campaign on. what use are more jobs if we don't learn essential life skills and education? howling of people google to access this increased number of jobs the public =tranfour doesn't get us where we need to be when we need to be there? the value of having a job if we're discriminated against and their son april 9 the national wage for everyone. this campaign is not recognizing a people we represent that are more brightly concerned of getting to school on time. not whether they get a job and five, six, seven years from now. the education age receipts in,
10:40 pm
they will be more and more young people about frankly be ignored if we make this our campaign. with the next 1 billion pounds funding, getting ready for work does not need to be the campaign. with 160 dozen players who commit jobs they shouldn't be the u.k. youth parliament campaign was 250,000 new work experience placements simply cannot be the youth parliament campaign. [applause] >> thank you very much indeed. i was looking for a female speaker from the west to glimpse a possible. yes, please. welcome. >> thank you, mr. speaker. 1 million young people currently unemployed across the country is not the fault of young people, but a reflection of the economic climate. all too often we are valued.
10:41 pm
i can assure you not enough is being done. we all go to school and get qualifications, but that is not enough. we need work experience. many professionals coming into schools and colleges and given us practical advice. but most importantly, we need jobs to apply these skills. thank you. [applause] >> northern ireland for the southeast. southeast. who have forgotten the southeast? young woman there. >> and bethany scott i have represent the lesser folk area. my school often promises to make the transition from school to college news. however, this year, along with many other schools, we stopped work experience. the best way to succeed is to
10:42 pm
prepare. about society is the best possible terms of preparing for work. i understand the government is seeking experienced from 15 to 16 euros and recommending 17 to 18-year-old has increased. however, everyone can still get jobs, even if they are part-time. the work pace that can still be very important in maturing for each groups. my mom works for job since plus in her perception is most unemployed young people is because they lack a fundamental work skills to be engaged. i thought fair amount to talk about life outside school, but have experienced is much more important. how come i feel comfortable, confident to work for a country when we can't get the necessary
10:43 pm
disk. thank you [applause] >> have a god a speaker from the share? yes, thank you. >> in my reach of the biggest problem is unemployment. education is the basic skills. i believe we should improve quality in education to make sure the opportunity to get a job with the opportunity that we hope them. thank you. [applause] >> how about the southwest of england? who have accounts in the southwest? what about young women nearest to me. still a long way, but the nearest. >> i'm claudia marshall. i think youth unemployment is not going to get better for young people, especially ones who have often have massive
10:44 pm
debts in their self-confidence. we should apply them to real life, but in school and college. [applause] >> people are now leaving a need. she's very friendly. whoever got from the northwest? okay, what about the young man in the gray suit here. >> were experience teams could qualifications inspires us to develop our skills in the process and repairs to work. the education of demitasse scores, and people take part work experience 4% less likely to be unemployed. a different report by david miller band said too many young people don't get high-quality work experience. the cbi have argued and i quote that's hard to state the potential employment to work experience. research suggests that quality
10:45 pm
benefit the most. however, current work experience is poor quality with young people given little to do to better education for the advice and guidance they received. not to say they have work experience. it's getting harder and harder for you people to find what is needed. it's up to us to be the voice to create hope for the hope is. our national campaign will be the first brick in the right of many young people's lives. thank you. [applause] >> i'm now looking for someone from north east of england. who pick up? yes, thank you. >> i come from an area where a lot of people don't go on to education and therefore believe the shop will be a better option for them. however, the doughnuts goes
10:46 pm
which are transferable and to work such a young age. they are taught in education issued. everything you learn will give you a job at the end. but if you ask us what the education it back to us, what good will it be? we are told we need experience for a job, but we can't get a job because we have no experience. therefore, it's obviously an issue. everyone here i'm sure you know somebody who was sacked by this and therefore, i believe this should be our campaign. [applause] >> i think this young gentleman has been stating that quite a bit. it's your turn, sir. [inaudible]
10:47 pm
>> london said the 11, 12, 13-year-olds don't need to worry about work experience. i am 12 and my friends and people i speak to think that getting a good education is very important. our school pushes to get good grades and exams season going to university and get a good career. but, it's more important to have prior to send the skills you need it for example, work experience can teach us have good grades. for example, if you go to age job interview with all-stars, but no work. thank you damage. [applause] >> thank you. that is a fantastic contribution and certainly when i was 12, i couldn't have jumped to doing
10:48 pm
it. a huge tribute to human nature made to the significance of the youth parliament. i think we're looking for somebody from the east of england. who have a definite east the east of england? yes, thank you. [inaudible] [laughter] >> kate reynolds from suspect. experience is essential, but they no longer afford experience. it's an opportunity that young people cannot afford to miss out on. i hope my constituents spend work experience. some have life-changing experiences that make them rethink which he says. where can a marketer hospital is always listens to what it is preferable to ask summary of
10:49 pm
miniature sin. it gives you the opportunity to experience work environments. long hours and everything else working life entails. wherever you go, there's always listens. it may not be where you want, but i'm sure there's going to be a lesson learned. every adolescent is the opportunity to prepare for work so they can start careers at an equal stance. [applause] >> i'm looking for a young man from one else. again, there's a case of mistaken identity. the one nearest to me. >> young people in my constituency said evenness goes as good when it got experience, but why can't you and skills in the classroom such as lifelong learning that the curriculum. work experience is always good, but you're not going to go to
10:50 pm
get the skills and this is good, but i think it would be better for one people in the long run. [applause] >> i'm sorry there is confusion in monaco. i would now like to call the woman who thought i was calling but i wasn't he running it now. every shia from, please. [inaudible] >> we need your experience and training for work in the modern world if this is essential for young people. for me, work experience is the best opportunity. some feminist national and not just for locally, but nationally, give young old. [applause] >> i'm sorry.
10:51 pm
every year tennis against a senate just make the point that there's always a greater demand than time available. i'm sorry about it. there's excellent debate and rumor debates to come. if you didn't get in this time and i think what they want to contribute and subsequent debate. i must call to conclude the debate, representing army welfare services, germany, ms. jade sexton. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. with this issue, no young person is employable for the reasons for us was reasons against why they should or shouldn't be to make you in the coming year. the first one is obviously not people vote for us to be today also vote for this issue. this shows that they feel we have a parliament and to tackle what they seek is obviously an
10:52 pm
issue. and at the least supported by statistics statistics, which show youth unemployment is high and they are great between the years 2011 and 2012, even though there has been a decrease in octavo. if the opposition pointed out, this is probably the generation of the highest rate of unemployment. this was also pointed out that the rate increase, so does the level of health. with more young people participating to gain experience in a workplace environment. the question is, do we really need to increase the level of support for unemployed young people? is there support out there for them? is that not known where to go for help is available. in my school, we do work
10:53 pm
experience. it used to be two weeks worth of the place of your choice. that is to cut down recently to lift a one-week smirk and you have to gunnysack area. people here don't work experience. about half of you. but still it's been cut down. what i fear is in my school they will cut down work experience and so you don't it anymore. but the search experience gave me the valuable skills he learned that one-week to go into a career later on in life? tamimi to make work experience a statutory obligation for schools or is it a case of a young person going to sort out themselves? the final point is that a person gets anywhere between 13 to 17
10:54 pm
years worth of education in japan, but the chance of them being able to retain a job. anytime you're ready to recommend there is no hurrying people unrealistically wasted the majority of life. is it fair? however, we have some people have schemes in place at the youth achievement award and inspiring the future already in place. a help young people develop leadership, teamwork and dedication skills, which are all highly for employers. it's her birthday to you at the annual campaign to self initiate initiatory dissolution? is it fair to be the focus on young people that affects all ages? is not the right time to be the campaign antiwar potential effect of campaign in the near
10:55 pm
future. that is for you to decide. [applause] >> jade, thank you indeed in thank you 12 contributors to that excellent debate. the time has come for us to move on to the theater for debate in the last double take days before break for lunch. the youth parliament will consider the third motion of the day relating to marriage for all as printed on the order paper. to the promotion a call from the east of england, ms. micaela philpott. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. every debate is not the question. the question is a good piece of paper decided to marriage. a question of and equality. i have this friend and her parents got together about 20 years now. one of them is great at cooking
10:56 pm
and awful at directions. the couple followed by cnn ryan aren't allowed to get married. the official definition is formal union of a man and a woman, physically recognized by law which they become husband-and-wife. but. but why today's society, and accepting society sisto richart between men and women? people have partnerships and are not allowed to be asserted as has been our wife and although marriage isn't for everyone, shouldn't it be something everyone can decide to? how could she feel if you couldn't bear the person you love? the first is not driven in 2001 in the last, argentina 2010. 10 countries in 11 years isn't that exciting. love is the natural human
10:57 pm
emotion. why should the of the person you love change anything? why should we let authority to take her society can and can't get married? we as a society have a moral and social obligation to challenge abuse against gay people. make nsr campaign were serious against discrimination. it's against the law to discriminate. is there hypocrisy in our law? last year alone over 65% of, gay and young women. one fifth of and people try to take their own life and 19% of the community felt discriminated against because of their sexuality. we need to work together to change this to your desk are some of you know fellow
10:58 pm
partnerships at the same legal benefits. maybe, but it's not about that. as the principle of being denied the right to a gay people to be equal. this is an issue important to young people, then why is it being debated here today? young people not only want to marry who they want when they're older, they want homosexuality to be accepted now. others may say this infringes. however, research has shown 50% of people support same-sex marriage either way. this campaign would respect or understanding society where everyone is equal. but this campaign, we can lobby rft. we can educate the public. we can create an understanding that change the attitude. as the scottish youth parliament approves the national campaign last year, we can make a
10:59 pm
difference. when i'm older, i want to send my children died so you know what? financier h. is for this amazing organization that led the way to make sure runflat to get married. isn't it time we accepted it a marriage quacked [cheers and applause] >> thank you for that very strong opening speech. to oppose the motion, ipod from the southwest. please welcome mr. jack mathews. [applause] mr. speaker, as someone who hasn't even had their first proper smoke yet -- [laughter]

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